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If you are a doctor, clinic or hospital, looking for professional web design & development services.

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Web Design

Are you looking for a healthcare website that can help you engage, educate and connect with your patients? Our creative skills combined with cutting-edge technology have helped doctors, clinics and hospitals, leapfrog competitors and build trust among patients.

Our professional and highly skilled designers can design and develop a site that projects a calm and welcoming environment, besides detailing the various services you offer. Whether you are into dentistry, internal medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, nutrition & diet, orthopedics, dermatology, cosmetic surgery or simply general medicine, we can create the design and content focused on the specific department.

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We will also strategically work to ensure details of the healthcare, clinic or hospital, is adequately given on pages such as the about us, services, facilities and contact. We can custom build tools to book appointment for doctors online, without having a patient go through the hassles of emailing and telephoning.

Also, considering the burgeoning smart phone users, Globalyn understands the importance of creating mobile-friendly websites that scale automatically to devices. Creating a responsive website will be our top priority so you do not lose to your competitors.

If that is not enough, we can use open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla to provide you a database-driven website that is rich in features and provides you the flexibility of managing your content and images through a text editor.

Website Maintenance

If your clinic or hospital already has a website, and is simply looking at redesigning or maintenance, do reach our team to help you best with it. We are properly trained to provide maintenance assistance to edit, add or remove your content and images, or add new features for your website.

If you're losing business, a redesign of website is what will help you capture the visitors' attention and bring your brand to life. Having helped many businesses in and around Bangalore, Globalyn understands all that is essential in getting your patients to engage and interact on the homepage.

SEO & Social Media Marketing

Need we say the importance of optimizing your website to rank well on search engines? Someone out there is looking for medical assistance, a hospital or clinic, and is still not able to virtually reach you, as a result of weak SEO strategies.

We analyze your website - starting from the design, code to every word of content, to enhance your reputation and improve your visibility. We do a comprehensive keyword research and analysis and help bring your business qualified leads and customers.

Despite having an eye-catching website, your marketing has been an utter failure and that is why a proper inbound marketing strategy must be charted to generate valuable traffic. We use several tools, including Google Analtics to view the data, metrics and insight into customer behavior, to study what strategies, changes and additions must be implemented to help you achieve your business goals.

Also, make use of our Internet marketing services to help you reach out to many as a doctor or hospital, through advertisement, social media and others. We are well versed with Google Adwords, Facebook and other marketing platforms that have played a significant role in lifting many businesses to the next level.

Contact Globalyn using our form here and one of our experts will be happy to assist you with your healthcare website design and marketing.